Our Team

Yuedda Sio


Yuedda is the Director of Inner Eastern Psychology. She is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Board-Approved Clinical Supervisor trained in the University of Melbourne. She has extensive experience of working within public and private mental health settings.

Yuedda’s values of acceptance, authenticity, and hope are reflected in her warm, approachable and dialectical therapeutic style. She believes that in order to change, we often need to first identify and acknowledge our problems. She is passionate about collaborating with clients to define shared therapeutic goals. Regardless of where you are on your journey, she hopes to help you take the next step in achieving realistic change, balance and cohesion in life. 

Yuedda is experienced in treating a diverse range of psychological concerns and disorders as detailed in Services. She has a special interest in treating complex and long-term issues related to personality vulnerabilities that may manifest in emotional dysregulation, impulsive and maladaptive behaviours, challenges in interpersonal relationships, difficulties with identity and sense of self, and managing intense emotions. Yuedda is also experienced in providing treatment for issues following trauma or abuse.

Additionally, Yuedda is passionate about working with LGBTIQA-identifying individuals and experiences relating to sexual and gender identity. 

Tim Bramley

Tim is a registered Psychologist experienced in working with individuals across a range of age groups and treatment settings. 

He has experience in treating anxiety, stress, depression, mood dysregulation, grief, loss, shame, guilt, low self-esteem, eating disorders, personality disorders, as well as behaviours of addiction.  He has assisted people with issues arising from interpersonal relationships, as well as family conflicts and carer support.  Additionally, Tim has supported many patients in adjustment to cancer diagnosis and treatment, end of life issues, as well as managing chronic illness and pain.

Tim’s therapeutic approach is to work with clients to nurture their capacity for self-awareness, self-compassion and self-acceptance.  His work is evidence-based, client-centred, professional, and guided by the core values of care and kindness. He also sees great importance in working collaboratively with his clients and their family members or support systems, where possible.  These therapeutic goals are further complemented by his extensive experience and practice in a variety of meditation techniques. 

Additionally, Tim has a degree in Philosophy, which greatly informs and enriches his clinical practice.  His role as an advocate and a promoter of social justice is reflected in his work in policy developments aimed at improving the resources of Victorian mental health facilities.

Soak Mun Lee

Soak Mun a registered Clinical Psychologist and Board-Approved Clinical Supervisor. She is trained in Australia and has more than 9 years of experience providing psychological assessment and therapies for a broad range of counselling and mental health issues. She currently works with children, adolescents, and adults both individually and in groups.

Soak Mun believes in meeting individuals at where they are and selecting an approach that best fit in with their unique needs. She also holds particular interests in emotional experiential therapeutic approach, with emphasis in helping individuals reconcile conflicts between how they feel and what they think. Soak Mun has a strength-based perspective, where she aims to help clients explore their strengths in order to maximise their potential and find meaning in their life and journey.

Soak Mun’s areas of special interests include childhood trauma, complex trauma, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), depression, general anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, emotional regulation difficulties, relationship and interpersonal difficulties, stress management, anger management, grief and loss or adjustment issues in relation to chronic health problems, palliative adjustment and issues related to life transitions.

Her diverse work and personal experiences in the past have also helped her appreciate the challenges faced by people from all walks of life.

In addition to her private practice, Soak Mun also works as a Clinical Supervisor and Senior Clinical Psychologist providing individual and group therapy in a Private Hospital setting. 

July Lies

July is an experienced Psychologist trained in Canada and Singapore. She has been working in mental health since 2008 across a range of mental health services in Canada, Indonesia and Malaysia. Her broad experiences allow her to adapt an integrative approach to psychological services. She offers a non-judgemental, culturally sensitive and family inclusive therapy, whilst adhering to ethical guidelines to ensure a safe practice. 

July has extensive experience working with both adults and children who have experienced trauma. She uses attachment and brain-based models to empower individuals to overcome the impact of early challenging experiences and working together with clients towards developing more adaptive and functional intra and interpersonal relationships. 

Since her relocation to Australia in 2014, July’s work has focused on providing specialised trauma-informed assessment and intervention to children, adolescents and adults from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. These clients experience difficulties related to overcoming a traumatic past, troubled relationships, depression, anxiety, insomnia, parenting concerns, and life transitions. 

Additionally, July understands the challenges and struggles many LGBTIQA-identifying individuals are dealing with. She is passionate about working with the LGBTIQA community.